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Latest press releases in Lifestyle
Marilyn Meredith Announces Release of Newest Tempe Crabtree Mystery
Deputy Tempe Crabtree is the resident deputy of the mountain community of Bear Creek and its nearby surroundings in the Southern Sierra. A horrific snowstorm traps Tempe and her husband in the lodge of a summer camp along with the caretakers and seven most unpleasant people--one becomes a murder victim. And to complicate matters, the ghost of a former camper makes contact with Tempe.
Dr. Charles N. Toftoy Announces Third Psychological Thriller is in the works
When it comes to Chuck Toftoy, nothing slows him down. When he's not visiting local nursing homes with his therapy Yorkie, Zoe, or running in the Senior Olympics (and winning), he's working on yet another in his "EYES" series of thrillers. Reverse Pursuit has a unique twist when the serial killer goes after the Alpha Team, one by one. The Alpha Team is a group who usually helps track down the serial killer. "But not this time," states Toftoy.
Multi-Genre Pastor Releases Book of Devotions
Rev. Paul Zimmer is full of surprises when writing his books. From a "very real" trilogy memoir, depicting his troubled path leading him to his true calling, to a truck driver accused of murder, and now his latest release, a book of devotions
The Luxury Property Show is Coming! London, Olympia 27-28 October
Pest ID Awarded the Prestigious Confederation of European Pest Control Associations Certification (CEPA)
Pest ID is the third company in Essex to be awarded the prestigious CEPA award, having demonstrated best practice and commitment to professional pest management.
Coming soon from CreativeEdgePublishing: Twisted Threads by Kaylin McFarren
Book 4 in the Threads series A family becomes an assassin's target after a crime lord's sister is brutally murdered in Kaylin McFarren's latest erotic, psychological thriller, Twisted Threads.
Prima Donna Pets Unveils Refurbished Dog Grooming Salon in Herongate, Essex
'Another Kind of Hero' from Author Lynn Hesse Soon to be Released
Tent World Introduces Its Jupiter Tent in France
Thermalabs Air Launches New Bronze Spray Tan Tent
Thermalabs Air has introduced yet another accessory into the market
Thermalabs Ultimitt Is Now Available in the UK
Thermalabs Ultimitt tan applicator mitt is now available in the UK
Thermalabs Gold Standard Tanner Launches in Germany
The gold standard tanning lotion is now available in Germany

The Shea Body Butter lotion by Supremasea has launched in the French market
Thermalabs Tanning Applicator Mitt Launches in the UK
One of Thermalabs most popular products, the ultimitt tan applicator mitt, is now available in the UK
Tent World Introduces Its Pluto Pink Kids Tent in Germany
Tent World has launched one of its latest products in the German market
Thermalabs Ultimitt is Now Available in Germany
One of Thermalabs best-ever releases, the Ultimitt, has now launched in Germany
Thermalabs Iris Beach Chair is Now Available in the UK
Thermalabs today introduced its new Iris beach chair in the UK market
Supremasea Shea Body Butter Launches in Germany
The Shea Body Butter by Supremasea is now available in Germany
Thermalabs Launches Folding Beach Bed
Thermalabs has today introduced its new folding beach bed
Thermalabs Working on New Beach Convenience Products
Thermalabs is working on new beach convenience products that will hit the market soon
Supremasea Lavender Body Scrub Exfoliator Available in the UK
The Lavender body scrub exfoliator by Supremasea is now available in the UK market
Thermalabs Beach Launches New T-Shirt
Thermalabs has just introduced a new beach T-shirt
Thermalabs Folding Beach Bed Now Available in the Market
Thermalabs recently announced folding beach bed is now available in the online market

Supremasea Shea Body Butter is now available to customers in France
Organic Healthcare Brand Launches on Amazon
Thermalabs Organic Healthcare is now available online
Thermalabs Lavender Exfoliator Now Available on Amazon
Thermalabs Salt & Oil Lavender exfoliator product is now available online via
Thermalabs Launches Its Folding Beach Chair
Thermalabs has introduced a brand new folding beach chair on the market
Can-Am Mini Challenge a Racine and Mini Cooper Family Affair
Mini Fans & Participants Share Photos and Bios Online Prior to Race Day
PheekoTM, a Bright Fitness Brand, Is Launching its New Colorful Image
PheekoTM, a bright fitness brand, has launched its new colorful image. As part of the campaign it has introduced a new set of PULL UP bands offering 40% Discount on its Star Product: Pheeko Pull Up Assist Band Set. Anybody can easily make pull-ups and lose weight, gain muscle or just look and feel better than ever with Pheeko Pull Up Assist Bands.
SEO Turned Blogger Launches New Blog to Help Budding Entrepreneurs
Professional SEO and digital marketing agency CEO Jose Gonzalez is turning his hand to helping others for free by blogging about what he knows.
Tent World Sets Up Shop in Germany
Tent World has set up shop in the German market
Tent World to Launch More Tents
Tent World has said that it plans to launch more tents
Thermalabs Launches No Logo Version of Its Spray Tan Tent
Thermalabs Ultimitt Available Via Amazon Echo
One of Thermalabs most popular products, the Ultimitt, is now available via Echo
Supremasea Shea Body Butter Now Available in the UK
Supremasea Shea Body Butter is now available in the UK market
Thermalabs Air Introduces Inagua Art Airbrushing Machine
Thermalabs Air has introduced yet another airbrushing system
Thermalabs Introduces Moon Saucer Chair
Thermalabs has introduced a brand-new product, the Moon Saucer Chair

Pluto tents by Tent World are now available in the French Market
Thermalabs Launches New Beach Convenience Products
Cosmetics firebrand has launched a comprehensive range of new beach convenience products
Thermalabs Reveals New Sub-brand
Cosmetics maker Thermalabs has revealed a new sub-brand
New Moon Saucer Beach Chair Now Available
Thermalabs brand new Moon Saucer Chair is now available in the market
Supremasea Shea Body Butter Available in the German Market
The Shea Body Butter by Supremasea is now available in the German market

Tent World has introduced some of its latest tent products in the German market.
Thermalabs Entire Inventory Available Via New Online Storefront
Thermalabs, a leading cosmetics manufacturer, has said that all its products will be available via a new online platform
Thermalabs Releases Folding Beach Bed
Thermalabs has released yet another product, the folding beach bed
Thermalabs to give 10% to charity
Thermalabs Launches Its Moon Saucer Chair
Cosmetics firebrand Thermalabs has introduced a brand-new product, the Moon Saucer beach chair
FSIVF Updates Regular Videos about IVF Procedure on Its Website
FSIVF is the most popular Fertile solution and research center. They have launched a video gallery with lots of videos to guide you about fertilization and other problems. Also the video gallery is updated regularly on time to time.
Thermalabs Bath & Body Accessories to Sell Online via New Storefront
Thermalabs will start selling its Bath & Body online via

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